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iPhone 6s glass removal: Did I remove too many layers?

I used a heat gun to remove the glass on the iphone 6s but towards the end the black layers (that I thought where the polarizer and diffuser) peeled off and I was left with just the back light in the first picture. I ordered a new poalrizer + diffuser as seen in the last picture but still no picture on the screen.

What layers did I remove that I shouldn't have?

Is this screen unusable now?

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can you post a pic with the lcd out of the phone? Its a little hard to tell exactly what is going on.

The first pic looks pretty normal

The second pic is exactly what you should see without the polarizer on it

The third pic looks like you have a new polarizer on it but it also looks like there was still a ton of debris on your LCD. I've never seen one look like that but white splotches on the bottom left and center right look like damage to the LCD itself from putting too much pressure on it.

You have to remember that the display is only .035" thick and mostly made of glass. They don't respond well to pressure and especially not after they have been heated up. I don't think you removed too many layers, I think you used too much force and also didn't clean off the LCD well enough. My guess is you tried to brute force the cleaning instead of using the proper chemicals.

One of these will get you back up and running:

iPhone 6s LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly - Choice

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After reading both answers I believe I peeled the LCD off because what I thought was just the polarizer felt like a very think sheet of glass. Was that the LCD? If it was, is there anyway to get just an LCD or is the screen unusable?


she's dead Jim


Yes, the polariser is a thin sheet. You will need to either buy a cracked screen with working LCD, then split that to salvage the LCD, or just buy a new screen (easiest option).


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You have separated the LCD itself by the look of it (where the liquid is actually stored). If it was just the top few layers (polariser), the picture would be visible if you hold the polariser over the white screen. Reverse the polariser sheet as well, because sometimes picture is only visible when it is flipped a certain way.

If by any chance you did just peel off the polariser, you would need the machinery to apply a new one and eliminate bubbles (expensive). Looks like the LCD has been destroyed to be honest, and you have peeled off too many layers. You will have to buy a new one :(

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To avoid such a problems in the future replace the polarizer as in the guide:

iPhone 6s Polarizer Replacement

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