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El Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (llamado Note5) es un teléfono de estilo phablet, fabricado por Samsung, lanzado en agosto de 2015.

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Icons All Messed up

I downloaded am emojii launcher app, and deleted it, but it has really screwed up my phone. When I swipe to open phone it asked me what launcher I wanted to use to open with I had to choose one in order to open phone. Now all my icons are large and all over the place, plus there are blank icons as well. How can I fix this....please help.

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You had the other launcher set as default. When you uninstalled it, it lost that default so it makes sense that you had to select the default home launcher after you uninstalled it.

As for the icons, a launcher does a lot of things and the app drawer, home screens, widgets and icons are all tied to that launcher. Uninstalling it means you need to set things up again for the default launcher.

Are the blank icons in your app drawer or on a home screen? If they are on the home screen, delete them and re-add them. If you had widgets, its very common for those to end up as blank icons after deleting a launcher. The big icons aren't something I have seen, but if they were on a home screen, changing the launcher could mess them up. Try deleting and re-adding them to the home screen and see if that fixes it.

If these problems are in your app drawer, go to:

Settings > applications > application manager > more > show system apps > touchwiz home > force stop > storage > clear data

Hit the home button. It will probably have you set Touchwiz Home as default again. That should fix any weird icons.

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Go to:

Settings > applications > application manager > show system apps > touchwix home > force stop > memory > clear data.

Hit home, you will probably have to select touchwiz home as default again.

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