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The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a point and shoot camera that uses the Android operating system. The camera features 21x optical zoom and a 16 Megapixel sensor, as well as Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular connectivity.

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No power after charging

I charged my camera for 3 days by accident. Now, it won't even come on. I take very good care of it and I'm lost as to why this happened. Please help.

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I've noticed that it is common for the Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera to not turn on after charging or after being idle for a while.

This is what I usually do when it happens:

  1. 1: Disconnect charger from Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera
  2. 2: Disconnect battery from Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera
  3. 3: With battery disconnected out of the device, reconnect it
  4. 4: With battery back in the device, press and hold the power button until it boot, usually after 5 seconds.
  5. 5: Device should turn back on and you can resume doing whatever you want with it.

Hopefully this help.

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