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Lost two Resistors on my Logicboard

Hey Guys,

while I was reworking the backlight fuse and the WLED driver, I blew two resistors out of there places on my logicboard.

Now I can't find them anymore and I have no idea about there values.

It would be great if somebody could help me out.

Thanks a lot.

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@elscape the components are as follows:

reference designator R5492 is a 100K 1% 1/16W resistor in a 0402 package

reference designator R5494 is a 0ohm 5% 1/20W resistor in a 0201 package.

Both components are part of the DC-In voltage sense enable circuit.

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I don't have that specific schematic on hand so I can't tell you the exact values of the resistors. However, I would strongly recommend you have access to the schematics before attempting any kind of rework on this type of complex pcb's. Blowing off components while applying hot air is not uncommon.

They are available and even include boardviews...start googling.

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