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Laptop shut down, won't turn on anymore.

Month ago while on my computer, it's black out.

Shut itself off, and i have not been able too power back on.

Can i refurbish this unit?

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Does the battery hold a charge ? Did you get a BSOD ? Did it give an error message when it shut down ? do you get any responce from the computer when you try to start it like post beeps or fan noise or hard drive noise . do you get any leds lite?

Here are some things to try First do a static discharge ,remove the battery unpug the power cord then hold the power button down for 60 seconds then plug it in and reinstall the battery and reboot . If this gives no Joy then try connecting to an external monitor . if this doesnt help try removing one dimm of memory at a time and booting to see if theres issue with the memory. If theres only one bar then find another stick of memory to see if that works . If one dimm of memory fails then the laptop will not boot. Try these and get back to use with your results so we can further diagnose your laptop

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*Take out the battery,

*Remove main supply,

*Hold power button down for 30 secs,

*Put only power supply in, do not put battery in

*Turn laptop on

*Put the battery in.

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