How to open Harman Kardon soundsticks speakers!

Hi one of my soundsticks fall last night and one at the top of the four speakers has been de-solidarized by the hit. The glue inside break off..

I need to open the "capsule" but i dont know if i can force it or if there another way to acces..

Thanks for your advice..

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The volume on my sound stick will only go up so high. Any ideas?


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I had the EXACT same issue and found your question. Couldn't find the answer anywhere so I just held the speaker firmly, with one hand gripping each side of the housing, and pulled. It came apart very easily (be careful not to yank it and damage the wiring!) but having said that a) my speakers are 7 years old now so perhaps the glue degraded a little and b) Over the years the have been battered a little and that one may have been dropped. Even so, I bet if you put a narrow but reasonably robust metal object in there (not sure if any coin would be thin enough)and twist it, I bet the halves would separate).

After pulling them apart, the two halves do still fit together securely enough to stay in place, but only JUST, it takes no effort to separate them. Therefore some glue is probably a good idea, but I haven't used any yet.

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Put some petrol over the edges wait for few minutes the with it will come with gentle pull

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I had a similar problem with my Sound Sticks. One of the little speakers had come loose from it's bracket, probably from some rough handling during a recent move. I was able to use a pair of plastic spudgers to gently pry off the top half of the housing. From there, it was just a matter of snapping the little speaker back into its brackets. I replaced the housing and it seems to stay in place, but not securely. I'll probably use some clear tape to secure it if it becomes a nuisance.

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