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Announced in March 2015 and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved-screen version of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone.

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Please I need some advises for laser engraving


My name is Emile and I have a Galaxy s6 edge " I would like to engrave the back on the phone (assuming it is made of glass) using a laser marking system. My questions are :

1) Is it safe to engrave the back of that phone ?

2)Will the heat produced by the laser while engraving, have a negative impact on the phone? ( I mean, will it stop working ?)

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question.

[UPDATE 15/11/16]: I engraved the phone and everything was fine. they were not any issue with the phone.

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Its glass with a protective layer. I don't see why it wouldn't be safe to engrave.

Also, I would not remove the back beforehand as that will ruin the waterproofing. I would not recommend doing this though, as it will mean much lower trade in values and could mean that you couldn't do some carrier buyback offers.

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Thank you for the answer ,

Yes i thought about that (the lower trade in values) and also, I'm not Eligible for buyback offers (Phone bought somewhere in Africa "cameroon").

I wasn't planing on removing the back.

I think i will do that and i'll let you know the result . thanks again

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I am pretty heavily involved in buybacks/used devices. An engraving lowers the value down even more than a broken screen. My advice? Get a cool bamboo or clear case and get that engraved.

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Yeah , you are certainly Right . But I am not attending to re-sell it one day so, i think it is fine.

PS: thanks for your advices :)

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@joshw Yep. When I need a new throwaway laptop, I buy old business class Dells most of the time (consumer grade machines are built out of Chinesium plastic most of the time, and last accordingly - plus an 8350U 7490 beefed up with 16GB RAM/256GB NVMe SSD puts against anything new to shame). If the engraving is on the bottom, heh I can get a $10 cover or Dremel and paint, but engraving the lid ruins the sale. It's a cheap fix, but the pain to swap it is way worse than a bottom cover.

If the LCD is shot anyway, that still kills the deal a bit as I'd have to buy a new assembly on then mess with it individually due to the time issues and cost difference to buy the parts piecemeal - can't buy the bare LCD for cheap.

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I'm no expert on laser engraving or S6 edges but I would suggest taking off the back panel of the phone before proceeding to engrave it. This way, the phone's internals will stay safe and working. And if you do do something wrong, you can simply buy a new back panel rather than a whole new phone.

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hello, thanks for the answer.

I wasn't planing to remove the back panel (because it is glued on the back) so i just wanted to do it like that .

Anyway i will do it and i'll update that post with the result .

thank you again for your answer .

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Ok, good luck!

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hey, did u try it? was is a success? because I ant to try it on my S10+.

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