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The HP G60T-600 CTO is a 16in laptop, powered by an Intel Dual Core Mobile processor, released in 2009.

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The speakers on my laptop aren't working?

the speakers on my laptop have some sort of problem, when i play a song on maximum volume, i still cannot hear anything. what do i do?

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First thing, I'd go to control panel, bring up "Hardware & Sound," then click "Sound," and check the speakers on default. Make sure you see action on the measuring bars to the right. I've had laptops that would phantomly reset their input and output settings on their own.

If this is a new problem, out of the blue....I'd not be surprised if it's a setting or maybe even some mistake in communication between the speakers and the closed lid switch. The good news is you've got some troubleshooting to be done before giving in and accepting total speaker failure.

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I would first check that the speakers haven't been muted. In the bottom right corner of the display, on the task bar, you should see a speaker. If there is an 'x' through it or around it, they are muted, and you can click on the icon and raise the volume.

If they are still not working, you should consider using our guide that will soon be up on the device page.

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