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La cámara modelo Canon ELPH Z3 se lanzó en los Estados Unidos en marzo de 2012.

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Why doesn't my camera's flash work?

I was trying to take a picture of something that is in a dark background so I tried to use the flash feature on my camera. However, despite adjusting the setting to "flash on" the camera failed to produce a flash for the picture. What may be causing this issue?

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This issue is quite common in some cameras and the solutions can range from simple to pretty complex. Sometimes the reason a camera's flash will not work is because the battery is already running low to the point where the camera can no longer produce a flash. To resolve this all you would need to do is replace the batteries. If that is not the case and your flash is still not working, then there may be a defective flash circuit in which you will need to plan out an exchange with the company you have purchased the camera if it is still under warranty. Hope this helps!

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