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La cámara modelo Canon ELPH Z3 se lanzó en los Estados Unidos en marzo de 2012.

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Why doesn't my camera's charge last long?

I turn on my camera and take pictures for a little over an hour and the camera keeps dying. I charge it for the required amount of time for a full charge and still get the same results. Is there any issue with the camera itself or is it a battery issue?

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The reason for this issue appears to be a battery issue. If you have had your device for a while, it may be time to replace the battery. Batteries indeed have a lifespan and the longer that they are in use the less efficient that they can be. Your camera's battery seems to have seen better days. Before replacing the whole battery, make sure all connections are correct and strong. If your issue repeats, it is time to replace your camera's battery which can be done so by following the guide for battery replacement that we have provided. Thank you.

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