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laptop gets power but doesn't start

Hello everyone

So I need your help with my msi ge 60

since about a month and half my laptop has been through cycles of working fine for 10days(ish) then stop working for other 10days then start working again then stop..

i initially thought that it gets no power, but i discovered that the battery led still works

but when i press the power button nothing happens, no power led, no fan spinning no nothing.

does anybody know what this might come from?

edit : i took the laptop apart to clean it with contact cleaner and to check if something is burnt or rusted and nothing visible. also when it works, it works, fine no strange noise, no overheat just fine. but still right now it's been 10 days since it worked last

thanks for your time

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so does anybody have a clue please

- de

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Contact cleaner could have caused issues, make sure that your laptops power flex and power button are attached to your motherboard.

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no the issue was way before i used the contact cleaner, also i made sure i connect the flex correctly

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