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The Fujitsu Lifebook model A6110 was released in 2007. It was considered a higher end model of laptop and received many good reviews.

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The screen is not displaying anything.

Every time I boot up my laptop the screen isn't really displaying anything. I've also checked the condition of the laptop, and it was clearly turned on when this happened.

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For starters, check to make sure the brightness setting is high enough so the screen can be seen. This can be done by holding the Fn key, and pressing F7. If this doesn't work, check that your computer isn't set to be used with an external monitor. To do this, hold the Fn key, and then press F10 to change the current display setting. This will cycle through 3 different display settings, so you may need to press it more than once. If this also doesn't work, you may need to consider replacing the display on your computer.

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