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Unibody de aluminio de 13", procesador Core 2 Duo de 2.0 o 2.4 GHz.

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LCD will not turn on. Needs a new Inverter

I need help figuring out how to find parts for this model laptop. I have not been able to find anything for it in regards to a "LCD Inverter". Does anyone know if this model is compatible with another model macbook? It would be very helpful to get the parts for this. I am very experienced with installation of inverters. I have performed over 300+ very difficult repairs, so please no discouragement. Thanks!

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Sorry to break it to you, but the inverter is inter-graded to the LCD screen on the bottom. Your better of buying a new LCD screen. But first have you try to cleaning the connection and reconnect them? It might just be a loose connection. If not here's a link for a screen at a very cheap price on ebay MB A1278.

Hope that helps. Good luck with that.


varsity, The MB is a LED/LCD style which hasn't the inverter connected directly to the screen on the bottom.

Well let us know what you find on your diagnoses..

This screen works like a champ for me after a water spill and a wash out look it had. I just replaced with that screen and back to normal. thats my story..

Good luck with that.

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Well even I have things to learn about computers. LED displays do not have inverters like CFL LCD's do. So I need to further diagnose the issue. Thanks for the link and the helpful info.

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