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El primer modelo de iPhone, modelo A1203 con 4, 8 o 16 GB de capacidad y una parte posterior de aluminio. La reparación requiere una cantidad significativa de destreza, y puede requerir un poco de soldadura.

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iPhone 2g got hot replaced battery still hot

I plugged my iphone 2g into a charger and it turned off my phone. after 10 or so seconds the iphone got really really hot. i unplugged it and let it cooled down. now it wont turn on...thinking it was a battery problem i replaced the battery. once i connect the battery the logic board gets really really hot but the phone still wont turn is it the logic board that is fried?

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and yes i did the home and top button holding down thing and still wouldnt turn on

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what kind of charger? +12v or +5v?

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It seems your charger may have damaged the logic board

Check you have connected the battery in the correct polarity?

logic board my be fried iPhone Gen 1 16 GB Logic Board

Imagen de iPhone Gen 1 16 GB Logic Board


iPhone Gen 1 16 GB Logic Board


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Seems expensive for a replacement part. A 1st gen iPhone isn't even worth that much. It would make more sense to buy a used 3GS at that price.

I do agree with the charger though.. It could also be a combination of the charger and the USB port in the iPhone.

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I agree these parts are cost prohibitive to repair this device, but we at ifixit community are here to "Fix the world, one piece of hardware at a time" with a "can do" attitude

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Sounds like an overheat issue. Sometime foreign containments and moisture can damage the logic board over time. Considering it spends most of its time in a pocket or next to a face or in your hand it is prone to the elements.

Try removing the logic board and seeing if anything is on the board (dust, calcium deposits from liquid damage, or anything out of the normal).

If you see anything get a disposable toothbrush with medium soft bristles and clean the board off. If this doesn't work consider replacing the board or upgrading to a 3g or 3gs from ebay.

Replacement iPhone 2G board around $40-$80

iPhone 3G around $160-$250

iPhone 3GS around $285-$400

*These prices are without contracts.

I recommend upgrading to at least a 3G since it will become increasingly difficult to find good parts for a 2G model. The 3GS is a fantastic phone, but if you are going to upgrade to that it will be expensive and make sense to consider the iPhone 4. I myself upgraded to the iPhone 4 with a two year contract for $199. Well worth the money spent.

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