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no backlight after touch ic repair

hello people,

im new in the iphone repair. yesterday i replaced te meson ic. i ruined the trailerpark so it took a little while (and a long time of heat) to put them back. when i was finished i started up the phone. the backlight dident work. when i start it up i see the apple logo with stripes on the screen for a few seconds and then only the black light. around the connecters it gets really hot. especialy near the backlight circuit. i already replaced the backlight filter but it doesnt seem to make a difference. can anyone give me some advise? i hope someone will recognize the symtomes.

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something is obviously shorted to ground, check the coil and caps and see if they are shorted. if you get it to work but the back light is dim you need the coil replaced. hope your back light IC is not damaged.

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