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1993 Chevrolet Cavalier repairs and mods.

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I lost key to my 1988 chevy cavalier.

I gave blank key code and code from glove box on lock cylinder. Locksmiths said they can't make the key with those codes because it is pre-1992.

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Find a better. older locksmith. Call them first.

That failing, give your VIN number to the dealer and they will make you one, slower and more expensive.

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I have an old chev truck that I lost the keys to and found that a hammer and screw driver work wonders on it ;>)

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1993 cavilier. I have lost the key what. To do

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Freddie, did you read anything mayer said? he literally instructed you on how to it, also the original post said what that did to, since yours is a 93, follow what the original poster said. Also this should be a question not a comment

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