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Un ordenador portátil fabricada en 2005 por Compaq.

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Why is my laptop screen blue?

I turn on my computer and it seemed to be working fine and the next thing I knew the screen was blue. What's wrong with my computer?

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If the blue screen occurs at the same point each time you use it it could be errors on the hard disk. Power down the computer and perform a scan on the hard disk through windows. Be prepared because this can take several hours. If you still are encountering problems after this then the hard disk is most likely physically damaged and will need to be replaced. Here is a link to the troubleshoot guide for this computer: Compaq Presario V2414NR Troubleshooting

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More information would be very useful. Did the blue screen appear during use or did it turn on to that? Has anything happened to the computer recently? Any repairs or upgrades, drops, water spills, etc?

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