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La actualización de abril de 2014 de los paquetes MacBook Air de 11" actualizó los procesadores Haswell i5 e i7 de doble núcleo y aumentó ligeramente el rendimiento de la batería.

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Laptop is running extremely loud and slow

After dropping my Macbook Air from a small height, I noticed that the computer was running extremely slow and loud. I reset the SMC but that didn't work. I also noticed that my sound wasn't functioning. I went to activity monitor and found my CPU was running extremely high, jumping from 300% CPU sometimes to 1000%. I NEED HELP PLEASE if anyone knows anything. What I might need to replace or do, im not very good at computers. Thanks please help me this is a computer for work

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Hi there ! How high is "a small height" ? Is the computer damaged on the outside ?

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You computer has an issue with a temperature sensor malfunction - when your computer can't read acceptable data from a temperature sensor, it revs the fans up, and executes a process that takes over the processing power in order to prevent the computer from being exerted, to prevent it from heating up as a safety mechanism. If you open up Activity Monitor, there will likely be a process called "kernel_task" that is taking up all of the processing power. There is a possibility that the drop dislodged a cable, which carries temperature information from another component within your computer. I would open the mac up and check to see if any cables are not connected properly.

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Yees the I/O cable was very loose clicked it back in works like a charm now, thanks


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I have the same problem except I'm not sure that it was dropped. I've had a look to see if there is any dislodged cables but haven't been able to find any. Is there anything else that would cause my computer to have same response?

Thanks heaps,


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