The Sony Xperia C5 Ultra with dual sim is an Android phone which was released in August 2015. I features a 6.0 inch display with ~367dpi density and a 13MP rear camera.

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Sony Xperia C5 Ultra touchscreen is malfunctioning.

Hello everyone.

I would really appreciate some help with my Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual since my screen is going crazy. The problem includes moments of normal function before it becomes fully irresponding or with Ghost touch.

Before you ask, I have removed an screen protector, rebooted the phone, removed the SD card and did a couple hard resets before realizing that none of these helps.

Thank you in advance!

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Brother, did you solve the problem? Im with the same situation, it is get me crazy!


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I have the same problem but I always solve it cleaning the screen with a handkerchief and screen cleaning solution.

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Really?? Does it help to bring it back to the normal state?


Definitely not, I have the same problem and cleaning it doesn't help at all. You should always use soft parts of your fingers in order to get the screen to respond.


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