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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Could water back-up throw F06 Error Code?

O.k. here's the bizarro scenario I find myself in. My F-06 code on our 14 year old Kenmore He3, corresponds to our slop sink filling up with water with every draining event. The two sources of drain water (the washing machine and the slop sink) join at a "Y" and then after a trap go into the main waste-water stack. (nothing else was backing up, just the washing machine).

So I did all the simple checks described for the F06 (checked the connectors, reset them, checked the trap) and there was no change. But that slop sink filling up thing kept gnawing at me b/c of the coincidence. Also the filter trap and the black "bellows-like" tubing that goes from the drum to the the filter trap/pump was always filled with badly smelling water when I was checking the trap - this is AFTER cycles were completed - (presumably spun and drained out).

So I tested a theory - I pulled the drain tube from the back of the He3 and drained into 5-gallon buckets (ultimately into a bucket and then switched to an old coleman cooler because it's about 2.5 buckets full). No F-06 codes, no problems (other than having to dump all that water). I ran 4 loads this way, without a single problem.

It seemed obvious then that there was a semi-clog in the drainage pipe after the "Y" shared by the slop sink. (Water would hit the semi-clog and would have nowhere to go and rush back up sink pipe) - so I snaked it and with all the hope in the world, let another load through with the drain tubing feed down into the waste plumbing.

No luck - F06 code again. I have one other theory now that somehow my waste tube from the He3 is blocking the way down at the Y and just shooting the water up into the sink (this seems impossible looking at the piped). I'll back it out and clamp it to check - but this feels like the last desperate try.

The main question for the group is - is there any chance at all that backed up water could somehow throw the F06 code? if water wasn't leaving the drum, slowing it down or making it erratic would that throw the code? Does this sound like anything else that you have heard of? Now a plumber friend has told me that my drainage pipe is undersized for a washing machine - but this problem hasn't occurred in 15 years of using it. Do tell.

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Select PAUSE/CANCEL twice to cancel the cycle. Select DRAIN/SPIN if there is

excessive water in the washer. Re-select cycle and press START. If the

problem remains, let me know.

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thanks Mayer - I have, numerous times in the last week, restarted the process at various stages of the washing cycle (including rinse, spin and drain spin.) Then re-selected a cycle and it has thrown the error code (not EVERY time but most of the time). Howevery the 4 or 5 full wash cycles I have done draining out to a buckets has NOT thrown an F-06 code. It has, however caused me to spill a fair amount of soapy washing machine water on myself :-) (happily my basement is unfinished so the overflows aren't a big deal).


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