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Using dictation programs on electronic devices

One of our major contributors was involved in an accident that left him with a serious concussion, broken collar bone as well as a few broken fingers. @jimfixer

I am unaware of options outside of Macs Siri for doing dictation.

His email was sent from Windows 10. I don't know if he is using a PC laptop, phone or other PC device. Does anyone know how (outside of buying something like Dragon) he could get set up for dictation and are there built in programs or other options so he could work again with one hand?

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@mayer @joshw count me in. If Cortana does not work I will contribute as well.


@mayer Thanks for the concern my hand is on the mends. Typing is a little slow but i can get by . Gonna ease back into this slowly . The head aches are more of a problem than the hand . Sorry I was away so long . Thanks for the prayers and I'm thankful I'm still with ya'll . So on to the forum.


Hi @jimfixer,

Sorry to hear about your injuries. Hope you have a speedy and complete recovery. Welcome back


@jimfixer welcome back and hope you mend quickly. Holler if you need anything.


@jimfixer Glad you are doing better. Take it easy my friend. Recovering from a bad crash takes a long time and you do not want to rush. Its almost like your batteries won't charge to full and your capacitors aren't working right. So you have enough juice to get up and go but you run out of juice way faster than you are used to.


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Solución Elegida prayers are with him.

Cortana does a very respectable job with voice recognition. MS just released a statement that said it had a 94% accuracy, which is better than me typing. Here is a quick setup for using Cortana:

Otherwise, Dragon works very well. I've used it before. I'd be willing to contribute to help get the guy Dragon if Cortana doesn't work out.

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