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Procesador Core 2 Duo de 2, 2.26, 2.53 o 2.66 GHz

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Sensor cable issues on Mac Mini

Similar problem here: bought a used Mac Mini and the temperature sensor connector was broken: last serial letters B9X, can you suggest the part number, please?

Problem is the sensor cable, not the board.

Thank you!

While I buy the replacement one, I have a bunch of others Mac Mini that are not busy working for the time being, with last serial 19X / 1BU / 9G5, would it be possible to swap the sensors?

Thank you - once again.

Of course if you have one for sale I'd be happy to buy it directly.

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You posted this a s an additional question on a 5 1/2 year old answer about another issue. We can no longer determine the exact model using the last letters of the serial number as EveryMac has changed its policy on that. I'll give the link to where to enter the full serial number. Have you run any tests to determine which sensor you have an issue with? Why do you think it's a sensor? What are your symptoms? What will it do and what won't it do?

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Thanks for your quick answer!

I bought a used 2009 mac mini server, and opened it immediately to swap HDDs with an SSD and a bigger drive. I have done this before on at least 15 minis that I use for assignments.

To my dismay, I realized that someone else had tampered the machine and that the connector of the HDD temperature sensor was thorn: that I need to replace.

I tried to fix the connector, but to no avail, so at startup the fan would go crazy, till the fan control sw kicks in.

The machine is on its way to a job, I used for the time being the sensor from another mini, but I still need one.

Thanks for all the advises you have.

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I fixed a mini last week (did RAM upgrade, hard drive & CPU). Got through and fan was racing Turned out the speaker was disconnected. Connected the speaker cable, fan problem solved. Now that was strange.

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Go here and open the parts diagram to see all the part numbers:

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Found it, but is says "no longer for sale", so either I find an old one and scrap it, or stick to sw solution.

Yes, speaker and fan shouldn't interfere with one another - should being the keyword..

Thank you for all your help, have a nice week end!

Kind regards,


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Get the apple part number and do a web search for i.

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