The Parrot Hydrofoil Orak, manufactured by Parrot SA, is a dual purpose minidrone that both flies and attaches to a boat chassis for fun in the sky and the sea.

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Why won't my minidrone charge?

I've plugged in my minidrone to the power adapter but the LED that is supposed to indicate charging remains off. I recently had to remove the battery to replace it so I don't know if I reinstalled it incorrectly. Any help here would be much appreciated.

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Hi Jacob,

Sounds like a frustrating problem you're having! First off, you should make sure your battery is installed correctly. The triangle printed on the battery should be facing up and the battery should be inserted in the direction the arrow is pointing. If you battery is correctly installed, it may be an issue with the cable you're using to charge. Make sure that the charger has at least a 2.4 A rating and leave it charging for roughly 25 minutes. If the battery is correctly installed and the charger has the correct power rating, then you may need to replace your battery. I hope this helps, good luck!

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