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The 7" version of Amazon's new high-end tablet series, released in October, 2013. Model C9R6QM.

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Proper double sided tape for new screen?

What is the proper double sided tape to adhere a new LCD/Digitizer to the sub-frame?

I have some but it is too thin an not grabbing.

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Tesa 4965 Red Tape

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Comment by iFixit:

The original "Red Tape". This tape has built a strong reputation in the repair industry as the standard for phone and tablet repair. This tape is heavily copied/counterfeited. Ours comes direct from Tesa, and is custom cut for us in the USA.

3,290 cm or 108 feet of tape per roll.

We actually prefer a newer tape Tesa 61395 Tape that has even better holding properties, but if you want Red Tape, here is genuine Tesa 4965 Red Tape.


Is the red tape very thin (not width)? I had a problem that the old tape had some thickness to it and the tape I have is very thin like maybe 1 or 2 sheets of paper.

Do you have any opinion on Tesa 61395? ifixit says "We actually prefer a newer tape Tesa 61395 Tape that has even better holding properties"



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