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Android's 4.4 OS with a 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution.

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Is my screen dying?

Hi, my screen is showing some weird artefacts on screen, at first there is not much but its getting worse after few muniutes of use. If i lock and unlock the device i show white light bleed on left side of the screen (first picture) then if i lock again, wait for a while it disappears, but some artefacts and color pixel start to show on left side (second pic). After a while some strong white lines apear, always in the some spot, but if i put down the device for few minutes it desappers. Reattaching battery didn't help, i guess thats not the case. Could this be a faulty LCD connector? Or the screen is dying.. ? Definitly not a software bug, i just upgraded to 6.0 and even in bootloader mode while upgrading there were those two lines (last pic)

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UPDATE: I can confirm that the screen (LCD) was damaged, got it replaced. Nothing could be done to fix it.

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