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Primary microphone is hard to hear during normal calling position.

Replaced the docking port using parts from ifixit and their tool kit. Everything works afterwards including charging which is why I replaced the port but when making normal phone calls I need to talk very loud in order for the listener on the other end to hear me. I know the microphone was part of the replacement part. Is it defective?

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Its possible that its defective but its much more likely that its not lined up right. There is just a very, very, very tiny hole that the sound comes in through. If that's not lined up right, you get the problem you are having. Its also really common for a piece of fluff or dirt to get into the hole during repair.

Pull the mic, make sure its clean, make sure the hole in the case is clean and then make sure its lined up right.

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is there a better way to verify the hole lines up? I sure looks like it does but it still doesn't hear very well. i've pilled it and re aligned it a few times to no avail.


I'm pretty sure the only way to do it is to put it in loosely, then use the post on the frame to line up the piece that holds it in place. Its always possible that its defective, but there really isn't much to those little guys. I don't know that I've ever had an Apple one be defective, but I've seen plenty of times where the mic wasn't lined up with the hole.

If you've double checked everything, maybe it is defective.


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