No audio in left ear bud

I have a Jabra Bluetooth Sport Pulse whit audio only in the right ear and none from the left although the heart rate monitor witch is in the left ear works OK?

Can anyone advise how to tear down and repair



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I have the same problem with my set too. If you turn up the sound, you realise the sounds coming through but just super quiet. (The other ear bud is very loud when testing this.) IC: 2386C OTE20 Model: OTE20 Jabra Sport Coach Wireless (BT)


Have the same problem. It is to common too be kind of damage. It might be an software issue. Can we write to Jabra for resolving? in other case I will never buy Jabra again.

IC: 2386C OTE20 Model: OTE20 Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless




- Remove earbud rubber cover.

- Remove the small silver metal screen from ear bud piece. (lightly glued on)

- Remove thin black cover from ear hole.

- Remove stuffing/foam from inside ear bud canal with a needle or pin.

Only replaced the small silver metal screen when putting it back together as it reduced the sound with even the small black film being replaced so I kept it out.

This work around increased the sound to normal levels and they work like new again.

This is not an amazing solution as you lose the level of sweat protection that it provides which i'm ok with because I don't sweat heavily from my ears thankfully. Hope this helps.


Worked like a charm for me --> THANKS



But one thing -- It looks more like the glue that leaked over from the underside of the wire mesh than earwax?? Unless my left ear had more wax and right ear had almost none hahaha. I wanted to remove as little as I can to get the sound back, so I only removed those sticky stuff, but left the stuffing/foam inside. It still worked.



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Idk just buy a new one

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Nah. Fixing it was more much more fun.


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Did you sleep with them plugged in?

I had a similar issue with earbuds and it turned out to be earwax clogging the small speaker opening. I carefully removed the metallic mesh and got both sides audible again. Can't say I would recommend everyone doing this if they are not sure / don't sleep with earbuds plugged in though...

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