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TV LED screen suddenly dark and discolored on one side

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Samsung 65" LED TV (UN65F8000BFXZA) suddenly went dark on one side - have tried 'flexing' the TV per other suggestions online but does not improve. There is a gradual loss of brightness and color now from roughly the middle of the screen all the way across to the right, with the screen becoming darker (gradient or 'ombre' effect...). Colors show but are dull or incorrect (e.g. what used to be a white box on the right is now pink or yellow). The TV is 2.5 years old and was a flagship model at the time so wasn't cheap! Trying to determine whether there's any point in trying to repair or just cut losses and buy new.

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@teaks looks like either a T-con board issue or a panel issue (less likely). I'd repalce the T-con vboard and re-evlauate. If it is the panel, then there is no economical way of fixing it. Panels are very pricey and will cost you more than a new TV.

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Thank you - appreciate the quick reply! :)


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