A compact digital camera released in February 2009. Features a 2.5" display, 10 MP digital sensor, 3X optical image stabilized zoom with face detection. Available in silver, dark gray, orange, green, pink, and blue.

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Can't get pictures off my camera.

I was outside taking pictures of my children in the rain. I got a lot of really good pictures, but now when I plug my camera into the computer, I can't see my pictures. It won't even recognize that the camera is plugged in. Help!

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Is the camera still working? If it is you may just have some water shorting out the contacts on the micro USB port. Take out the battery and SD card and open all the little doors/covers and let it sit in a sunny spot inside your home for a few hours and then try again.

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Does your computer have SD reader?

Try transfer the pictures using it.

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