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What to use for remove residue of adhesive double sided tape?

Hi there.

I have problems in replacing lcd/touch of the mobile phones and tablets.

I have hot air gun and remove successfully the old parts.

I have read that WD-40 is used to remove the residue of the adhesive from the tape, but maybe it`s really greasy and that may stop me from success.

I have 1mm tapes x2 circles and 2mm one circle but i am going crazy when my stuff are not going well and today purchased other types and marks 1mm and 2mm.

So the question is what to use?

Have purchased :

2mm 55m 300LSE Super Sticky Double Sided Heavy Duty Adhesive Type Repairing Kit

Super Slim Strong Adhesion 1mm 300LSE 3M Clear Double Sided Sticky Tape Waterproof for Cellphone Touch Screen LCD Display Frame

Are they good? :)

Thanks in advance

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I use goo gone on a cotton pad. Then clean it up with alcohol wipes.

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About that goo gone i will look for it.

About the wipes can i use alcohol from the pharmacy(in bottles) and cotton? :)


I see that Goo gone i can take from United states but the shipping is 3-4 times bigger than the product.

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I'm sure you can find a similar product that removes stickers or something like that. The cotton pads are the same as my wife uses for removing her nail polish.

The alcohol pads are from the pharmacy. Diabetics use them before they use insulin.

I do a few iPads a week. Always works well for me.

- de

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