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First generation, based on the Ford C1 global platform.

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Tail light does not work


My left tail light does not work. Bulb works fine. Break works fine. Horn works fine. I am not sure why just the tail light is not working.

Mazda 3 2008.

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I put the bulb on the right side and worked fine. But why the same bulb would work on the left side when I push the break but not the tail light, weird.


Sound slike you are having trouble with the bulb casing. Have you checked the contact on the light itself to see if it has power?


how do i get a new casing and what is the correct term?


It is part of the tail light wiring harness. You do want to check the connectors first. See if you have power on those.


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Qossay Takroori did you make sure that the bulb is the right bulb? The contacts are different on different bulbs. If the bulb is right, check the contacts with a mutlimeter and see if you have power on that. The contact inside the connector is positive, use some bare metal as ground. If you do not have power on the connector, check the harness to make sure it is not severed somewhere.

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