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MacBook Pro display issue

Long story short, i changed the thermal paste on my macbook pro as it was running hotter and hotter (as a matter of fact the paste was dry and there were tons of it...). Everything went fine, the display cable was a little stiff and i had to hold it firmly to present it horizontally but nothing scary. I was quite gentle and cautious. When i booted the mac it displayed only blank light (so the backlight is working). The external displays works fine.

As in this post (LVDS Cable Issue - Extremely Hot?) i noticed immediately an increase of temperature of the mac (airflow was 60°C) and i shut it down immediately and opened it back. The display cable was very hot, and i disconnected it. I gave a look to the display socket with a magnifier and it looks in perfect condition. I couldn't spot any visible damage on the motherboard. With the cable disconnected the computer works perfectly with the external display (temps are all fine).

Do you think i may have damaged the cable? Are those things notoriously fragile as i wasn't careless at all.

Oh and one more thing :-) the mac now starts itself alone when i plug it in. Maybe this helps to understand what's going on.

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like you pinched something when you put the logic board back in.

I would pull the board to check things out also make sure you put the correct screw into the logic board.

- de

Thanks Dan. I did pull the board (twice) to verify everything (including with a magnifier!). I don't think i pinched anything or mixed the screws (the seven that hold the board are the same, only the two that hold the tiny ac board are longer). Every time i put back everything in place it's the same. I have the "gutfeeling" that the cable is guilty, but every bit of experience and science from you all can be precious, as replacing the cable means you tear down the screen, thing that you would not do for nothing!

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Precision: the mac boots up when i plug the magsafe, but only the first time after re-assembling. It goes back to a normal behavior after.

Hopefully Antoni Pasalic will hang out a little bit here and tell how it ended up for him.

- de

Try to clean the connector and cable pins with Isopropyl an a toothbrush Wait a least half an hour an turn it on. This helps often.

- de

Thanks i will try that!

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Ok, end of the story...


Today i changed it and all is working again. Not a easy fix for a non professional like me, but i managed to tear the screen down without breaking anything (screen only half an hour in a 75°C oven, the glass came very well with a guitar pick and a small succion cup to help pulling), and put it back together quite clean. I'm very happy, end of a little nightmare...

So what i learned: Those cables are fragile as happiness. If you have to disconnect it you have to be extra careful. I advise you to take away the cable holder to have a little more freedom of movement. It's just a phillips to unscrew and it could spare you ten days of sorrow and an afternoon of wobbling knees!

(by the way, excuse any bad english, i'm french...)

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MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues


An affected MacBook Pro may display one or more of the following symptoms:

Distorted or scrambled video on the computer screen

No video on the computer screen (or external display) even though the computer is on

Computer restarts unexpectedly

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Thanks Mayer, unfortunately mine (non retina mid 2012 with a nvidia 650m) isn't concerned by this extension program. I guess i must have done something wrong, hopefully the cable was particularly flimsy and didn't like the way i hold it. I really can't see anything burned, bent or ugly, so i hope the damage is under the tape of the it is the cheaper to fix.

Anyway i ordered a new one and i will update the thread.

- de

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