something will not shut down inside

After I speed cooked a baked potatoe there was a continuous noise somewhat like a grinding fan motor. At first I thought it was just cooling and would shut off. I ended up having to unplug it. I plugged back in later and was able to clear the machine but after a few minutes the noise started again. I cleared it again and ran the microwave a few seconds. It worked fine. The vent fan and lights work fine. However, when I clear the oven this grinding noise stops for a few minutes and then comes back on and will not stop unless I unplug the unit. Any ideas or is it time for a new one?

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Had same problem with our GE SCA1001HSS01. After unplugging unit many times the noisy fan stopped. Have not used convection since. Noise came back on own after a power blip. Had to unplug again several times and rest clock. I haven’t found answer yet.


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Stirrer Motor

The stirrer is a metal blade which slowly rotates inside in the microwave. As the stirrer turns, it deflects the microwave energy randomly throughout the microwave. As the stirrer motor wears down, it begins to make grinding noises. To determine if the stirrer motor is worn out, check to see if voltage is getting to the motor. If the motor has the proper voltage, but is noisy or won’t turn, replace it. (Note: Proper voltage can be determined by reading the label on the motor. Because the stirrer motor is a geared motor, the shaft will not spin freely.)

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