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Announced in March 2015 and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved-screen version of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone.

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I have a s6edge from cspire and I'm looking for some parts.

I was looking for parts for my phone and I can't find them with the same model number as my phone. I figured that the problem is that of have a cspire s6edge. I'm looking for a screen for the front, the back,the home button, the rear camera cover, and possibly the metal frame of the phone. If the parts listed on this website is compatable then I can see how much it would cost and if I want to replace them or just wait to upgrade to another phone.

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You're looking at a minimum of $300 to buy all those parts, probably a little more. And thats assuming you can install them yourself

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Ok, thanks. I was just looking to see how much it would cost.

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Just sell the thing for parts it's not worth fixing

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