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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB DDR5 Video RAM

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keyboard still won't work

I was replacing the keyboard and i'm pretty sure I got the keyboard ribbon all the way in. I even did the tape thing, it won't go in anymore, but the keyboard and power button still won't work. The laptop can power on.

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Does an external keyboard work? Does it power on from the keyboard? Why was the keyboard replaced and did you have any evidence of liquid getting to the logic board?

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an external keyboard does work. not sure what you mean by power on from the keyboard. i spilled some water and the keyboard stopped working. i don't think there are any evidence of liquid on the logic board, but i don't really have warranty anymore so i'm afraid if they do find any, they'll want to replace everything.

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Now the laptop doesn't seem to want to turn unless I take out the charger, release the battery connector, and then plug the charger back in.

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That sounds like you have a much wider area of damage than just that one issue.

Have you tried doing a hard reset to the device after you replaced the parts?

Let it get 100% charged and try to connect to iTunes using a USB cord via PC and see what you get when you do a restore.

I know there is some diagnostic, trouble shooting and repair software that will only work if your device has all these things before it will properly run through all the software you need it to access; 100% charged, connected to iTunes, ---> iTunes MUST first be updated to the latest version of iTunes or it won't work) connected to a PC, and using a USB cable to do your manual restore.

Not saying this will work, but, it should at least throw you a Problem code # No. Which will help you to at least know what area to be looking at for your issues.

You might try to disassemble all the parts that came in contact with water and put some rubbing alcohol in a Tupperware tub that you can sit the parts in. This will remove any lingering liquid.

BUT Before you put the parts in the alcohol watch a few utube videos of people using it for the same reason, that way if there's a certain part that could be damaged by the alcohol they might give you a warning on that. I don't think there's any part that it will hurt, but, I'm not 100% sure, and I'm not a certified Apple repair person, so I don't want you to damage your laptop anymore than it already is, based solely on my advice, see if someone on utube has a good tutorial on using rubbing alcohol to clean and remove stuff from internal parts.

If you need a good apple technician, I use a guy out of Houston Texas, called Fusion repairs. He's on eBay, and you can probably google him if you need someone. Good luck

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What does upgrading iTunes do to solve this issues? It's not an iPhone!

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well, first off,

If you would have read the entire post and interpreted the part where I said, " I "doubt this will work"

PS: I have had multipule issues from the latest Apple updates of functions not working on my brand new iPhone 6 & 6 Plus.

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