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La consola de juegos Xbox de tercera generación de Microsoft, lanzada el 22 de noviembre de 2013.

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Replacement fan for power supply


I need to replace the fan inside the power supply. I cant find any for sale on the net. Does anyone hav a prtnumber or link for that part

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Rune, I had previously posted the wrong replacement fan, apparently OEM power supply fan hard to find, a lot of links say fan not available, plenty of complete power supplies though if you had too go that way. Check the link below, Kenny tells how he installed a replacement fan 10x10 fan from Mouser BFB0512HHA-C with good results. Hope this helps.

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Thank you

I have red the article

Grease only works for a short time. I will try the other solution in the article, buy a Mouser BFB0512HHA-C.

Your answer was very helpful, thanks again for finding this link.

- de

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If you check my xb1 power brick disassembly guide I have a photo of mine which clearly shows the fan info. Just search xbox one power brick disassembly on ifixit. I hope this helps you find what you

Update (08/24/2019)

Replacement found $10+ shipping. This was just a very quick search and only checked 2 posts on amazon. Maybe possible to find it cheaper elsewhere so you'll have to do some online browsing. Happy gaming!

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