Games don't boot up, stays on dashboard menu

I just found an original Xbox game system at a thrift store, and it seems to be operational when I plugged it into my TV. However, whenever I put a game disc into the tray, it makes no effort to start the game up, it will continue to remain on the dashboard menu. I've tried turning the power off and back on again, and it still won't go beyond the menu screen. Is there something I'm doing wrong, because this is the first time I've ever owned an Xbox on my life.

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hi, in my experience the dvd drive in these have a habit of burring out the read laser so it looks and sounds like it wants to work but does nothing. Does it try to load the disk or does it just spin and do nothing? anyway i believe that you'll need to change the dvd drive.

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Yeah, it sounds like it tries to read it. The front light on the system flashes on and off for a few seconds, then you hear a little whir, and then nothing; it just stays in the menu. I thought it was the disc itself (scratched) so I bought another game that was pretty clean, and it still has the same issue.

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