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Anunciado el 16 de octubre de 2014, el iPad Mini 3 es el sucesor del iPad Mini Retina (ahora conocido como iPad mini 2).

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New Digitzer not sensoring touches, and iPad can't connect to wifi

I replaced an iPad Mini 3 screen for a client, and they texted me saying the screen wasn't sensoring and it couldn't connect to the Internet, anyone know what could be wrong?

Before I set the adhesive everything seemed to be working fine

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Hi. Try a reset (home button power button together until you see the Apple logo appear)

We havn't encountered this problem in any mini screen replacements but 3 of the last 15 Ipad 2,3,4 worked fine and then clients informed us of no touch. This sorted the problem out eveytime. Strange as Its only been the last few weeks this has happened.

Also you have to take into consideration that being a mini screen it may of failed and a replacement maybe the only solution.

As for the WIFI you may need to reset network settings etc.

See how you go.

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