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Upgrade memory to 16GB

Is it possible to upgrade the Mid 2012 MacBookPro 15" Retina to 16GB Memory?

According to Apple's Spec. it should be possible: Apple Spec.

My question is how to upgrade onboard memory (1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory)

Thank you for your help...

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Account1, Check the following links to see if you want to upgrade memory, I read that RAM on mbp retina is soldered to the motherboard and will void warranties,etc.

Desmontaje de la MacBook Pro 15" con Pantalla de Retina de Mediados de 2012

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@lpfaff1 Did you actually read and understand the crucial link you posted.

At the time of purchase there was a 16GB option but that's a different logic board configuration.

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agree with mayer ... i have a simple rule of thumb ... if the "macbook pro" is of the slimmer kind the answer is NO ... you cannot upgrade to 16GB as this has to be done at time of purchase only ... with the fatter macbook pros YES you can but most will not take the 1600MHz clock speeds and will not be read and it has become more and more difficult to find 1066MHz and 1333Mhz these days

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mayer, I read the link/forum and came out with the understanding that Mid 2012 MacBookPro 15" Retina should not be upgraded to 16GB.

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@rebootgozo My rule of thumb is is if it has an internal DVD rom, the RAM is upgradable, if it doesn't, the RAM is soldered to the board. Much easier for people tell the difference.

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I have become very disenchanted with Apple because of this whole intentional prevention of allowing people to upgrade ran. I bought a brand new 2018 MacBook Pro when it first came out and paid over $5000, but returned it within 10 days. Who the !&&* wants to spend that much money without the possibility of upgrading? Big mistake on their part. It even caused me to sell my Apple stock, which was a big mistake on my part.

Now that I know there is indeed a way to replace/upgrade the internal SSD, I was wondering if anybody has discovered a way to upgrade the RAM? I got a hold of a used retina 15 inch late 2012/early 2013 MBP, Which needs some work, but the biggest problem is that it only has 8 GB of RAM built-in and that is just not enough to cut it at all nowadays. I have a non-retina version, which also needs some work, but at least can be upgraded and already has the 16 gigs but a terrible video card. Does anyone know if the GPU can be replaced or upgraded in the non-retina mid 2012 MacBook Pro?

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If it's a retina, the RAM is soldered to the board, so unfortunately no.

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