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microphone does not work, but only when phone is in speaker mnode

I replaced my screen. After the replacement the microphone does not work anymore when I put the phone in speaker mode.

Does the phone have a separate microphone for speaker mode? Or is it the same microphone?

I would think there is only 1, but then this is a very strange issue.

Any thoughts on what I should do/replace to solve the issue?

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There is even a third microphone (Which is right next to the rear camera) that if I'm correct is used to record videos with sound from the rear camera. Not really sure which microphone is used for the front camera recording.


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There is a 2nd mic for speakerphone and related apps. I wouldn't be surprised if you proximity sensor is also not working too well.

Its a pretty cheap part and a really easy fix:

iPhone 6 Front Camera and Sensor Cable

Imagen iPhone 6 Front Camera and Sensor Cable


iPhone 6 Front Camera and Sensor Cable


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