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Pantalla de 27" con resolución de 2560 x 1440 píxeles Conexiones de cable Thunderbolt y MagSafe

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Stain inside my display in the bottom


I have noticed two stains in the bottom of my display. Not sure could be Dust.

Any idea ?

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Depending on how old the monitor is you may be able to complain to Apple that it is a manufacturing defect. I don't believe there is an easy fix because the glass is laminated.

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Monitor is about 4 years old but stain has just appeared. I do not think Apple will care about it...

Any chance it is just dust ? I was wondering about opening it by myself to clean it


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My first guess is that it is tape that was used to secure some internal wiring. Dust is less likely.

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Heat may have caused the tape to peel.

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Hi Randy,

Do you think I could try to open it and clean by myself ?

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Does it become less obvious when your display hasn't been used in a while?

My 27" cinema display has had a growing creeping crud spreading along the right edge and toward the left. It's mostly visible when there is a light gray behind it. To be honest most of the time I don't notice it.

Of course, right now when I powered up the display to take a picture, it isn't there. I haven't used the display in a few days, so it's cold. I suspect the crud will become visible if I keep it on for a while.

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Just fixed this same issue on my TB Display. Disassembled the entire LCD panel to fix the random blank screen issue (solder LED bar connectors. Always the culprit and fixed about 5 of these now) I thought for sure I had a blown LED and dark patch was from residue. My dark patch had a striped pattern (like rail road ties).

Upon full disassembly, found some kind of tape that probably moved with LED generating heat. Peeled off tape that caused the dark patches and used 99% iso to clean off the glue residues. Good as new.

Unfortunately, most people won’t be able to fix this. Require a full tear down of the LCD panel. Tape is on the backlight diffuser plexiglass so its way inside. Reasonable chance to destroy the display unless ultra careful and/or experienced.

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Here is the teardown guide if you really want to attempt this. And if one gets that far, might as well reflow the LED connectors to prevent future blanking out problems common to Apple’s 27” LCDs of this era (iMac 27, Cinema and TB Displays)

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