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How to fix the DCIN charger port?

So the needle inside the charger port of my Zenbook fell out. I know where to buy the parts, just don't know how to do this, and who would know how to do it..

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Watch this video ...

However if you are not comfortable with repairs don't do it yourself. If you think you can watch all the steps carefully do everything as said in the video, remove logic board and sorter the new charger port. Enjoy..

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You have to disassemble the whole notebook till motherboard & then replace the jack using fan/low temperature solder. It's rather simple for a equipped professional (soldering station/fan), but difficult for a newbie without equipment.

I've recently forgot my DC adapter at my father's apartment and had to power it from external power supply. Just soldered two wires & powered it up. But without good soldering station it's almost impossible(you can damage the whole power circuit - be careful).

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