Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6+ Touch not working


So I have a iPhone 6+ with the touch not working so I replaced the screen and it still isn't working. What could the problem be? Please help.

Thanks in Advance!

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Whats the condition of the Ph? Has it been wet? Have you tried another 'Known to be good' screen? What have you already tried?


no touch ... has this phone been dropped ? it might just be a loose connection on LogicB. have you tried the old home and power button (soft reset) method ? just hold home and power until you see the apple logo


I am not sure if it has been wet. I bought it off ebay because it said it has a bad digitizer but good LCD so I replaced it with a brand new screen from my company.


I also dont know if it has been dropped but it doesnt look like its been dropped. i tried the home button and lock button method 2x but it didnt work.


i would inspect the Screen assembly connections on the logicB under a magnifier. you might find it was a fix gone wrong :(


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As a technician myself, I get to see iPhone 6+ digitizer not working properly.

there are 2 solutions to it.

1. Get the digitizer IC replaced by a professional. (micro soldering)

2. Put a nano sim card on top of the connections of the LCD and digitizer and force close the plate on top and screw it. It will put some pressure and the touch screen will work as normal.

Down the line if the problem comes again, use a very small piece of double sided tape between the nano sim and digitzer connections so that the nano sim doesnot move from its position.

(I have fixed more than 30 iPhone 6+ with the digitizer IC issue by putting a nano sim card inside)

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The nano SIM card solution worked for me!


Do you think this solution will last long ?


@aslipakd no, it will probably not work for long and worse stil, it will apply additional pressure on the logic board potentially causing other damage. If you just want the phone to work for a bit pending an upgrade, then it will be fine. But if you would like to keep your phone longer term, then you should have it properly repaired.


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There is a know touch IC issue with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Symptoms would be a flickering grey bar at the top of the screen and / or no touch functionality.

It would need to be repaired by someone who does Microsoldering.

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