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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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White Screen Tried restore reset and jailbreak


So I had a broken iTouch 2G

Bruised LCD

Cracked Digitizer.

I was able to open it

and replace all the parts

Everything worked fine

I tested it before closing it

So I go ahead and close it and when I boot it up I got a White screen

I've seen and dealt with this problem before

So I tried to restore it. Nothing.

I tried to Jailbreak it. Nothing.

Downgraded. Nothing


Restore DFU.Nothing

Different LCD. Nothing.

I actually tested the same LCD.

And it works fine.

The digitizer works fine aswell.

I can slide to unlock and power off

but the screen is just white.

Is there something else I haven't tried?

Im draining the battery now and

reinstalling everything in the morning.

I've read that low batteries give white LCD errors.

How long should I wait? 24 hrs?

Any Advice or 2 cents may help.

I also checked the mobo for burnt

components thinking that I shorted something. No luck.

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1 Respuesta

If you've already tried replacing the LCD (and tested your old LCD on another device and made sure it works), then you're going to have to replace the logic board. If you can actually get the device to respond (you said you could slide to unlock and power off ... when the screen is white?) then it's probably not a software problem.

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