Can I turn this computer on after being outside for two years?

I recently was given a Power Macintosh G3 300Mhz minitower (having a bit of trouble confirming that but I'm mostly certain that's what it is) that had been outside for two years. The case is in very good condition and apart from some rust on the power supply and some of the metal frame(the metal on the side panel is quite rusted by the way) no parts of it look to be damaged. The logic board looks very clean and in good condition, but some of the metal on the ports looks like it might be a little corroded. I don't know much about desktops so this might be normal but there's a lot of loose cords and connectors inside of it that aren't plugged into anything. I see two hard drives and the floppy drive, and I think that's all it originally had, but is it ok for their to be so many loose cords inside? And it hasn't rained for several months so there shouldn't be any water inside of it.

So is it safe to try to turn it on and use it without damaging it?

I'll probably vacuum the leaves and spider webs out before I do it too.


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