My iFixit battery seems to be expanding.

Lately my iPhone 5 replacement battery is pushing my screen up!

This just started happening.

Why is this happening?

9 month old battery.

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Are you using a good quality charging cable and wall charger adapter? Bad quality wall charger + charging cable can cause the battery to bloat over time.

The iFixit battery bloating should be covered under warranty and be replaced at no charge probably.


Since the battery pack is enclosed in a sealed bag, the gas inside expands due to overheating either by overcharging (esp. if you use replacement charging cables or other charging accessories) or the battery and overcharge cutoff system is not functioning properly.


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@jayfmn your battery is overcharging/overheating. Possibly caused by a faulty battery. Remove it from your phone to avoid explosion and further damage. Notify ifixit of this. I am sure they are going to make it right by you.

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