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Samsung galexy tab S2 will not charge or turn on please help.

Hi Everyone,

I have a Samsung galaxy tab S2 9.7 tablet that will not change and I have been looking for a solution for a few months now. On the last night I was using my tablet I noticed it was down to 30% charge so I placed it on the charger and continued to use it.. I then noticed that my tab had the charging symbol showing in the top right corner but instead of the charging percentage going up it started rapidly depleting. I did notice that the tablet was getting warmer then usual and when I unplugged the tablet from the charger it wasn't depleting nowhere near as fast as it was with the charging cable plugged in. The charger I always used was the original charger that came with it so I thought maybe it was broken in some way so I used another 2 different Samsung chargers and two different cables with all the same outcome... Battery just kept getting sucking down until it got to the point of no return 0%. At this point my tablet dose nothing but show a black screen.. Even when I plugged in the charger in multiple locations around the house/car/laptop nothing happens at all. I have tried all the following things to fix the problem in order.

1.charging the tablet over multiple nights on wall chargers and on computer usb to try and trickle charge the battery. Nothing happened at all.

2.I tried every single button combination to try and reset or power on the tablet like holing power on button and volume up button at the same time along with about ten other combination I found on the Internet while on charge and off charge. Nothing happened.

3.I tried another few charges and I even tried to charge it in the car... Still nothing.

4.I opened the tablet back cover and disconnected the battery for a few hours a few times and once again nothing.

5.At this point I started to think that it must be the battery that has a fault so I ordered and replaced the battery. As soon as I installed the new battery it sprung to life with a 20% battery life that was obviously in the battery when it was shipped. The tablet was working like normal until I plugged in the charger and the same original problem occurred. The tablet battery was just getting sucked out of it while on charge so it was obvious that the battery was not at fault.

Another point I should add is I noticed that when I had the back cover removed I did notice when it was on charge that the battery of the table did not get warm at all.. It was actually another area that the heat was originating from closer to where the tablet SIM card and micro SD card are inserted. I really can't remember if it always was that warm or not but I don't think it was.

Your probably wondering why I didn't just return it for a replacement? Because I voided my warranty when I opened it to replace the battery. I accept that so please don't recommend this as an option.

I'm just looking for anyone who could give me any advice or any information on fixing my tab. I know that the tablet itself works great but for some reason it will not charge the internal battery.. Could it be the charging port? If so then why did it register that it was charging and continue to drain the battery the last time I replaced the battery? If it was the micro usb port then wouldn't it not register at all when a charger is plugged into it? Could it be a software problem? If so then if I could charge the internal battery externally and place it back in would factory reset make a difference?

Would love any ideas or help from anyone.

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It may be your charging port issue. Inexpensive to change. Try using a charging pad if that works then its.orw than likely the port.

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My tab e was the same Volume Up did noting.

Had to open it up and disconnect the battery for 5 minutes not easy

working fine now

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