My 2ds got wet

Ok so got a 2DS for my kids a couple days ago and it worked great. My toddler dropped it in the sink for just a second. I tapped gently on a towel to get the water out and put it in rice while I went to buy a glasses repair kit for the mini screw driver. Opened the DS took out the battery and sticker was pink... I did the whole teardown all the way to the LCD and dried everything out with a mini fan. Re-assembled it and turned it on. It turns on, the sound is perfect, buttons work, touch screen works, BUT the screen is black. Top screen can be very very slightly seen if held the opposite of light but barley legible. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong or what I can do? I've had it inside of my cabinet for 2 days and still turns on great like beginning but still black screen.

( Purchased it 5 days ago at Toys R Us. didn't get warranty since it was $40 since someone returned it.)

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