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The third generation of the DJI Phantom series released in April 2015.

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What I do after land in water

My dji landed in water then its not started so what i do

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I can only suggest what to do. Try putting the DJI drone and batttery into rice. It should remove moisture and give you a better chance of recovering the drone.

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Rice is good to eat but does nothing to fix the problems caused by a mix of liquids and electronics.

First remove the power from the device, then follow this guide about how to clean the device and hopefully get it working again.

Electronics Water Damage

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Hi, I have a bebop that took a swim. I placed it in rice which helps absorbs water and placed the container in the direct sun over two days and at night I put it in a box with a light on. Took it out and fired it up. It works , the only down side is the camera is a bit blurred.

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Hi guys. I dropped my dron in the water. I will try it to do that think with rice if will not working any one of you guys know some one who can help?

There is my email address:



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