The screen is not working.

As the title, even tough I reboot my phone ,it shows nothing.

But after it fell down and I checked out it, there was no cracks on the screen.

And I've tested it, the touch works. ( Details omitted. )

I googled about it, so I thought its screen cable ( Am I called it correct? ) was just loosen or broken, so I want to fix it myself.

Did I guess right?

And hope someone can show me the tear-down process movies.

Thanks. ( Sorry my English is not good. )

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From my experience repairing phones when the screen goes blank more than likely the LCD has been damaged. rarely will it be an issue with cables disconnecting since there isn't enough room for them to come loose. on your particular model of phone it would be easiest to replace the full display assembly than just replacing the LCD alone. If you check ebay for a full display you can purchase it for about 30 bucks. hope this helps.

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OK, Thanks a lot.


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My wife's HTC desire 526 in doing the exact same thing and mine is finicky about turning the screen on . HTC desire 526 is too cheap to pay for a replacement screen, so even though the answer may be correct , in fact, it is not a good move.

These phones are less than $30.00 new but since it seems to be so bad I would, and will. replace mine with another brand.

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